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When operating under Federal Interstate Operating Authority, federal rules mandate that all name and/or address changes must be kept current with the Office of Motor Carrier Safety.
If you have held Interstate Operating Authority and have had your authority revoked we can reinstate it for you. You will need to have all required insurance in effect before your authority can be reinstated.

Applicants for authority who have had their application dismissed, due to failure to comply with all insurance and BOC-3 filing requirements, can have their applications reactivated under certain conditions. For a free evaluation of whether or not your application can be reactivated click here. We will contact you and advise you accordingly.
Name Change $145.00
To change the name of a motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder where there has been no change in the ownership, management or control of the registrant. If there is any change in ownership, management or control of the company you must file for a transfer of authority. Call us @ 1-877-722-8059 for more details.

Address Change $135.00
To change the registered address (physical and mailing) of a motor carrier, freight forwarder or broker.

License Reinstatement $245.00
To reinstate an inactive motor carrier, freight forwarder or broker authority that has been revoked.

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