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Compliance Corner is written by Patrick Malloy. Patrick regularly offers U.S. Dot Compliance Training around the country. He is the owner of Permits Plus Inc and has more than 35 years of experience offering comprehensive U.S. Dot Compliance and truck permit services.
Posted Dec 6, 2019

Employment History

CDL drivers completing an application for employment must provide 10 years of employment history while non CDL drivers must provide 3 years of employment history. All employment history must include driving and non-driving positions for the required employment reporting period.

Posted Nov 11, 2019

CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Portal

The FMCSA CDL Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse portal is now accepting registrations. Motor carriers employing CDL drivers will need an account to perform the required investigations of drivers via the clearinghouse, and CDL drivers may need an account depending on the type of query. Carriers must be registered by January 6, 2020. Register by going to the clearing house portal @ https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/Register

Posted Oct 21, 2019

Proof Of Financial Responsibility

All motor carriers (except private non haz mat carriers) must have an MCS-90 on file in their office as proof of financial responsibility.

Posted Sept 23, 2019

Maintaining A USDOT Compliant Accident Register

For the purpose of maintaining a USDOT compliant accident register, a DOT recordable accident is defined as an occurrence involving a commercial motor vehicle operating on a public road which results in at least one of the following:

  • 1) A fatality
  • 2) Bodily injury requiring immediate medical treatment away from the scene of the accident
  • 3) Disabling damage to one or more motor vehicles requiring the vehicle to be towed from the scene

Posted August 24, 2019

Proposed Hours Of Service Revisions Released

The proposed changes to the hours-of-service regulations are:

  • The limits for the short haul exemption would increase from 12 to 14 hours and from 100 air miles to 150.
  • The adverse driving provision would allow a driver up to a 16-hour window in which to complete up to 13 hours of driving if the driver encounters adverse conditions.
  • The 30-minute break requirement would be modified, prohibiting driving for more than eight consecutive hours without at least one 30-minute change in duty status. This would allow 30 minutes of on-duty, not driving time, off-duty time, or sleeper-berth time to qualify as a break.
  • In addition to splits of 10/0 and 8/2, drivers would be allowed a split-sleeper option of 7/3.
  • Drivers would have the option of stopping the clock a minimum of 30 minutes and up to three hours consecutively once per duty period.
Posted August 12, 2019

Electronic Logging Device Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration denied an application for an exemption from the electronic logging device requirements for motor carriers with fewer than 50 employees. At this point, all carriers, regardless of size, will be required to use ELDs unless they fall under a previously issued exemption.

Posted July 24, 2019

New Driver Background Checks

When conducting a new driver Safety Performance History Records Request (background check) be sure to contact all DOT Regulated Employers that employed the driver applicant for the previous 3 years.

Posted June 14, 2019

Awaiting Hours of Service Changes

The proposed Hours of Service changes have not yet been published in the Federal Register. We will be forwarding this information once it is made public.

Posted June 5, 2019

Free Tool: Calculate Time For US DOT Number Bi-Annual Update

Federal Regulations mandate that all USDOT numbers must be updated every 2 years. To see when you must update your USDOT Number, click the link below:

Free Tool: Calculate when you must complete a US DOT Number Bi-Annual Update

Click here to have Permits Plus file your Bi Annual Update

Posted May 16, 2019

Hours of Service Changes Are Coming

FMCSA has announced that updates to the hours of service regulations are to be published in the Federal Register on June 7, 2019. We will be reviewing these changes when they are published and will be advising you of them ASAP. Stay tuned!!

Posted Mar 16, 2019

USDOT# Bi Annual Updates

Several of our customers report receiving a spam email notice regarding their USDOT# updates. These email notices are advising the carrier that their bi-annual (to be filed every 2 years) updates are due. When we checked the carriers USDOT# to see if a bi-annual update was due, in most cases they were not. If you receive one of these notices and want to verify if your update is due feel free to call us @ 1-877-722-8059 for a free verification. If you need to file a USDOT# bi-annual update, use the link below to access our USDOT# update service.

USDOT Bi-Annual Updates Application

Posted Feb 25, 2019

DOT Required Emergency Equipment for all commercial motor vehicles with a GVW or GVWR over 10,000 pounds

Fire Extinguishers

  • Haz Mat Carriers must be equipped with a fire extinguisher with an Underwriters Laboratories rating of 10 B:C or more.
  • Non Haz Mat Carriers must be equipped with either 1 fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 5B:C or more or 2 fire extinguishers with a minimum rating of 4B:C or more.
  • Each fire extinguisher must be marked by the manufacturer with its UL rating.
  • The fire extinguisher must be filled, securely mounted and must permit a visual determination that it is fully charged.

Spare Fuses

  • At least one spare fuse of each type/size required to operate any required parts and accessories of the power unit.

Warning Devices for stopped vehicles

  • Three emergency reflective triangles that conform with Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 125.
Posted Jan. 28, 2019

Changes For Drivers Taking Insulin

FMCSA recently announced it will no longer require insulin-dependent truckers to acquire an exemption from the agency to operate in interstate commerce.

Rather, the agency will now allow a treating clinician who manages and prescribes insulin for the treatment of diabetes to decide if the driver meets the physical standards to drive a truck.

Posted Nov. 21, 2018

Supervisors Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Training

All supervisors that are designated to supervise CDL drivers (operators of vehicles over 26000 pounds) must undergo a one-time 2-hour training requirement. The training must include at least 60 minutes of alcohol misuse training and 60 minutes of controlled substance use training, which will enable supervisors to recognize signs of drug and alcohol use.

Exemption: If you are an owner-operator employing only yourself as the only driver you are exempt from this requirement.

If you have any questions regarding this requirement please call us @ 1-877-722-8059. Do not assume that you are required to comply simply because you receive a notice via text or email from a training company.

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