EZ-COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT helps you stay in compliance with Part 391 (Driver Qualification) and Part 396 (Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance) by maintaining a constant flow of information easily available when you need it without having to sort through multiple paper files.

There are standard driver & maintenance expiration categories plus the option of adding up to an additional 20 categories and expirations. All maintenance titles also allow for a mileage field to track your previous service and "next due" service. An additional feature allows for company- wide expiration updates
Some of the many EZ-COMPLIANCEASSISTANT uses:
  • Drivers' Annual Certifications
  • Drivers' Medical Certifications
  • Annual Inspections
  • Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance
  • Insurance Expirations
  • Permit Expirations
  • Website Domain Name Expirations
  • Vehicle Registration Expirations
  • Estimated Income Tax Filing Dates
  • Maintain proper record retention for all categories of DOT required records

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    How does it work?

    You enter all your data for your company, drivers and vehicles into our EZ-COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT database. A month before an expiration date approaches, you receive an email once a week reminding you that you have an upcoming expiration. You will continue to receive weekly reminders until you have updated the expiration. Upon renewal of the credential or required vehicle service you simply enter the new expiration or service date. The process then repeats itself upon the next expiration or service date.

    NEW! Text Alerts are now available. In addition to receiving email alerts for entried that are pending or have expired, you will also receive a text alert on your cell phone on Mondays at approximately 9am.

    Keep your Driver Qualification Files (Part 391) up to date by using the standard driver expirations for Medical Examinations, Driver License expirations and Annual Reviews. Create up to 20 additional custom titles for reminders of upcoming events for each driver such as specialized training or driver recognition.

    EZ-COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT makes managing Periodic Vehicle Maintenance & Inspection of your fleet easier with standard maintenance categories plus up to 20 specialized or custom service categories with listings for both scheduled maintenance dates and a mileage for when the current service was conducted and the "next service due" mileage listing.

    In addition, you can create custom titles and expiration dates to suit the unique needs of your company. Keep updates on all your company operations by using our standard categories and creating up to 20 custom expirations fields allow you to keep tabs on all company related expirations such as insurance, website domain names. USDOT updates etc.

    EZ-COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT also has full report capabilities, so you can view your entire operation, or print out individual reports on your company, individual drivers or vehicles. EZ-COMPLIANCEASSISTANT captures information on vehicles (both power units & trailers) which allows a printed version of a unit report to become part of the Vehicle Maintenance File. (Part 396 Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance).

    Our subscription fees are as follows:
    1 Year: $49 per year
    2-3 years: $45 per year (paid in advance)
    4-5 years: $39 per year (paid in advance)

    Fleet Size:
    Whether you are an owner operator or a large fleet our EZ-COMPLIANCE ASSISTANT will make your operation run smoother by providing a single source for compiling all your information in one easy to access format.

    We offer free unlimited support to help with any problems you may encounter and free advice on the full utilization of the program to meet your specific needs. Our support is available to you whether you are in your free trial period or paid subscription period. Simply call us at toll free 1-540-473-1616 Monday - Friday 8am-5pm EST.