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Our all inclusive application fee for filing your Interstate Authority is $499 for one authority. Each additional authority (such as if we were filing for Contract & Broker authority) is an additional $499. This is the additional application fee which must be sent to the Office of Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Our fee includes:
  • Filing your Icc Authority
  • All filing fees as well as our application fee for the filing of your Interstate Operating Authority
  • Securing and filing permanent process agents (BOC-3). There are no annual fees to keep your process agents current as long as your authority is active.
  • Securing your proper insurance filings (you must provide all required insurance at the required limits)
  • Keeping track of your application process until your authority is issued

In order to secure your Interstate (formerly ICC) Authority quickly & efficiently please take the time to review these instructions:
  1. Contact your insurance agent and determine that you have adequate insurance coverage.

    Also advise your agent that we will be contacting them upon receipt of your MC Docket Number. We will be requesting that they contact your insurance company to file the prescribed forms as required by the Office of Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This filing must be done within 21 days of a docket number being issued. If the filings are not made in this time you will be issued a warning which will state that you have an additional 60 days to file proof of adequate insurance. If within this time frame your insurance is not on file, your application will be dismissed.

    There are no refunds for dismissed applications.

  2. Upon receipt of your authority, Permits Plus Inc. will prepare a quote pertaining to your Unified Carrier Registration filing. This is the registration of your authority in the various states in which you will operate. Upon receipt of payment for your UCR fees Permits Plus Inc. will file your UCR & secure a filing receipt. Only when you receive your UCR registration filing receipt are you legal to transport regulated commodities "for hire" across state lines.

  3. The approximate application period from the time you forward all documentation to us until you are ready to legally operate is approximately 4 weeks to secure your authority and your UCR filing. The application period may vary depending on how quickly your insurance filings are made.

  4. Please choose among the many ways in which you can contract Permits Plus Inc. to file your FHWA/ICC Authority:

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