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A Message To Our Customers Regarding Our
Interstate Operating Authority Application Fees

Effective August 1 2003 Permits Plus has lowered our all inclusive price to secure Interstate Operating Authority to $499. Will this affect the quality of service or will we have hidden costs to bring the price up? NO!!!!!!!!!!! We will still pay your federal filing fee, secure your permanent process agents, secure your USDOT number and request your insurance filings from your insurance agent. All for $499.

Bottom line: Same great service- Same dedicated staff- One all inclusive price.

And we operate in the same timeframe as everyone else. MC # in 2 days, DOT # within 24 hours after your MC # is issued. Your authority will be granted in 4-6 weeks. No one can get you on the road sooner due to the 21 day comment (waiting) period imposed by the Office of Motor Carrier Safety. So why pay more applying for your authority?

Having been an owner operator for 13 years I know a little bit about your business, now I want you to know something about mine. Up until the last few years, the internet was an inexpensive place to do business. With the advent of pay per click advertising it has become highly competitive and costly. So I have come to the point where I have to decide: Do I help make the dot coms richer by increasing my advertising expenditures or do I put some money back into the pockets of the people I identify with? The answer was pretty simple.

So my plan is to offer a great price with the same great service that we have always strived for while cutting my online advertising costs and maybe we'll make up the difference with a few more customers. If nothing else, it will cut your startup costs a little and I'm putting money back into our industry. Where it belongs!!

Pat Malloy
Permits Plus Inc.

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