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Price varies by the corrective action(s) required.
Due to prior commitments, we are not accepting new clients at this time.

Corrective Action Plans must be filed with the USDOT in the event that you fail your DOT Safety Audit, or, under the new CSA 2010 plan, consistently show a high rate of out of service orders during roadside inspections.

Because corrective action plans must be drawn up with various supporting documentation and must provide an outline of the corrective actions undertaken by the motor carrier to correct these safety deficencies, it is not possible to provide a "one price fits all" price quote on preparing your company specific corrective action plan.

Upon receipt of your DOT Warning Letter you must take immediate steps to rectify the noted safety deficiencies or you will face suspension of your US DOT Number and, if applicable, your operating authority.

We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation & price quote along with an outline of the corrective action plan that we will implement on your behalf to resolve these safety compliance issues.

* For non-hazmat carriers only

For a free price quote and more information,
please call us @ 1-888-GET-DOT-INFO (1-888-438-3684)
during normal business hours.
Important Note:
Effective December 17, 2009 any new entrant that fails their safety audit will have to correct the safety violation(s) and submit proof of the correction along with a corrective action plan to the DOT or they will have their DOT number suspended.
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