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The following notices have been posted.
Current Annual Haz Mat Registrations Will Expire June 30, 2011

If you have transported or will transport any placardable shipments of Hazardous Materials from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2012 this notice pertains to your operations. Federal Law mandates that you must have a current Federal Haz Mat Registration when transporting hazardous materials.

If you would like us to apply for or renew your Federal Haz Mat Registration please choose one of the following options:
A) Apply or renew online by going to: www.permitsplus.com/haz_mat.php
B) Download the Haz Mat questionnaire (click here to download) complete it and fax to Permits Plus @ 1-540-966-2175
C) Download the Haz Mat questionnaire (click here to download) complete it and mail to:
Permits Plus Inc.
PO Box 557
Troutville VA 24175

Permits Plus Inc. Redesigns Website

We have recently redesigned permitsplus.com for easier navigation to the many services we have to offer. Please visit our website for help with any of the following services:
FORM 2290

Permits Plus Inc. Offers A Site Dedicated To US DOT Compliance

EZ-DOTCOMPLIANCE.COM is your website for all your compliance needs. We offer a knowledge base, training and services.

You can also subscribe to our EZ Expiration Assistant, which helps you stay in compliance with Part 391 (Driver Qualification) and Part 396 (Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance) by maintaining a constant flow of information easily available when you need it without having to sort through multiple paper files. Try a free demo by clicking here.

Our Newest Compliance Tool
EZ-Expiration Manager

Now you can keep driver expiration data, vehicle maintenance and company expiration information in one affordable, easy to use online program. Not only does our program allow easy access to all critical information, but you will receive email alerts when an expiration requires your attention. To view more information about our expiration management system and to try out a free demo click here.

Important Reminder
4th Quarter IFTA & Highway Use Taxes are due by 1/31/2011. Forward your taxes to our Fuel Tax Department today.

New Mexico Cab Card Renewals
Enforcement has begun on New Mexico 2011 credentials. All credentials must be renewed ASAP to avert the possibility of fines and down time.

Click here to renew online or contact us directly @ 1-877-722-8059.

2011 Unified Carrier Registration Renewals
The Single State Registration System was replaced by the Unified Carrier Registration plan which began implementation September 10, 2007.

If you conduct interstate operations in any of the above noted capacities you must renew your Unified Carrier Registration for the year 2011 ASAP. Whether or not your base state participates you still must register.

Renew Today. To apply, go to www.permitsplus.com/ucr.php. You can either apply online or print out an application to be mailed or faxed.

An enforcement date of February 1, 2011 for 2011 UCR registration has been announced.

2290’s must be renewed by 8/31/09
Please be aware that the Annual Federal Heavy Highway Use Tax (Form 2290) must be filed by August 31, 2009. This tax applies to all vehicles with a Registered Gross Weight of 55,000 pounds or greater. You may renew your 2290 through us either online or US mail. To renew online go to www.permitsplus.com/2290.php

Qualifying Criteria for trip permits in AZ, CA, NM & NV
In addition to the standard qualifying criteria for carriers that are required to secure trip permits before entering a state, the following states have a revised criteria which applies to vehicles under 26,000 pounds:

Arizona: All for hire carriers operating a vehicle with 2 or more axles (regardless of weight).
California: All commercial vehicles regardless of weight are required to have a Ca Trip Permit unless they are hauling their own personal belongings.
Nevada: 10,001 pounds or greater require a trip permit.
New Mexico: 12,001 pounds or greater require a trip permit.
To order trip of temporary fuel permits click here.

Used Truck Buyers
When buying a used truck, first check with the NYS Dept of Taxation at 518-457-5735 to be sure there are no back taxes owed to NYS from the previous owner. Any used trucks that have an unpaid NYS tax liability from the previous owner will have to have that tax paid by the purchaser.

NY HUT Renewal Notice
The New York State Department of Taxation & Finance has announced that the 20th series NY HUT renewals will begin June 1, 2009. Initially, the 19th series HUTS were set to expire December 31, 2008 but the renewal deadline was extended several times by NYS Tax & Finance.

The state will begin sending out renewal letters May 26, 2009. Upon receiving a renewal notice from NYS you may have Permits Plus Inc. renew your HUTS by completing our online HUT renewal form. Click here for Permits Plus online HUT renewal application.

If you do not wish to use our online renewal option, you can forward your NYS renewal notice to either one of our offices along with a copy of your 19th series HUT card for each vehicle that you wish to renew. A check made payable to Permits Plus Inc. for the total renewal fee due ($47 per power unit) must accompany your renewal paperwork unless prior arrangements have been made to pay by credit card.

NY HUT renewals begin June 1, 2009. Contact us for more information.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has recently announced that any motor carrier that transports "internal combustion engines, self propelled vehicles, mechanical equipment containing internal combustion engines and battery powered vehicles or equipment" shall be defined as a Haz mat carrier. This applies to all types of carrier operations, including but not limited to household goods movers and auto transporters.

As a result, any motor carrier falling into this reclassification must maintain a minimum of $1 million of auto liability insurance. In addition, all reclassified carriers must update their MCS 150 and op-1 (USDOT # application and operating authority). The haz mat regs provide an exception to transporters of vehicles and equipment from the haz mat requirements of marking, labeling and shipping papers but does not extend the exemption to insurance requirements. In order to upgrade your insurance and operating authority to HM specifications you must contact your insurance agent and have them rewrite your liability insurance to $1 million in coverage. Once you have requested the higher liability insurance limit from your insurance company (or if you already have $1 million in liability insurance) you can have Permits Plus Inc upgrade your MCS-150 and OP-1 by completing our online Haz Mat Carrier upgrade. Click here to begin.

CDL Haz Mat Endorsement
Anyone upgrading their USDOT # and OP-1 as per the new federal regs pertaining to internal combustion engines and machinery including battery power equipment does not need a haz mat endorsement on their CDL. The reference is from the Federal Safety Regulations Sec. 383.93 (endorsements) and Sec. 383.5.(definitions). Essentially what it says is that unless you are transporting a load which must be placarded or transporting any amount of a select agent or toxin as noted in 42 CFR part 73(this includes certain bacteria, viruses or fungi ) you do not need an endorsement. Since the transport of cars, engines and machinery (including battery powered equipment) is exempt from the placarding rules this would apply to most upgrades.

The Sign Shop
Affordable apply it yourself vinyl truck lettering. Order online from our standard sign formats or custom design one yourself. Also check our signage regulations for both intrastate & interstate operations before ordering to be sure you’re in compliance with USDOT vehicle identification & marking rules. (Click here to visit our sign shop)

New Mexico Cab Card
08 Credentials expire 12/31/08. Renewals can be filed now. Enforcement has begun. Click here to renew.

UCR Registration
Current 2009 UCR registration expires 12/31/09. Enforcement has begun. Click here to renew or apply now.

The UCR fee structure will increase in 2010. The new fee structure will be as follows:
0-1 Truck $83
2-5 Trucks $166
6-20 Trucks $497
21-100 Trucks $1741
101-1000 Trucks $8373
1001 or more trucks $82,983

NYS HUT Permits (updated4/9/09)
The state has delayed 09 renewals again. Your old credentials are still valid until further notice. Upon receipt of your renewal notice you may forward to Permits Plus Inc. to renew. Call 1-800-722-8059 for details.

IFTA License & fuel decals
2009 decals must now be displayed and a copy of the current 2009 IFTA license must be in each power unit for inspection if requested.

Washington DC has been enforcing IRP regulations
Be sure you have Washington D.C. listed on your apportioned registration at the appropriate weight or obtain a trip permit before traveling into Washington D.C. (To obtain a Washington trip permit click here)

Quarterly Reminder
All 1st quarter 2009 IFTA & highway use taxes are due by April 30, 2009. For help with your road taxes click here.

Upcoming Expirations
Federal Haz Mat registrations expire June 30, 2009 (online renewal will be available once the renewal period begins)

Federal Annual Highway Use Tax Form 2290 expires August 31, 2009 (online renewal will be available once the renewal period begins)

Regulatory Briefs
The Ohio split speed limit is set to end July 1, 2009

The FMCSA has placed stricter safety requirements on all newly registered trucking & bus companies. The new rule establishes that a newly registered trucking or bus company would automatically fail it’s safety audit if it violates any one of the following 16 federal regulations:
  • Failing to implement an alcohol and/or controlled substances testing program.

  • Using a driver known to have an alcohol content of 0.04 or greater to perform a safety-sensitive function.

  • Using a driver who has refused to submit to an alcohol or controlled substances test required under part 382.

  • Using a driver known to have tested positive for a controlled substance.

  • Failing to implement a random controlled substances and/or alcohol testing program.

  • Knowingly using a driver who does not possess a valid CDL.

  • Knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting, or authorizing an employee with a commercial drivers license which is suspended, revoked, or canceled by a state or who is disqualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

  • Knowingly allowing, requiring, permitting, or authorizing a driver to drive who is disqualified to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

  • Operating a motor vehicle without having in effect the required minimum levels of financial responsibility coverage.

  • Operating a passenger carrying vehicle without having in effect the required minimum levels of financial responsibility.

  • Knowingly using a disqualified driver.

  • Knowingly using a physically unqualified driver.

  • Failing to require a driver to make a record of duty status.

  • Requiring or permitting the operation of a commercial motor vehicle declared out-of-service before repairs are made.

  • Failing to correct out-of-service defects listed by driver in a driver vehicle inspection report before the vehicle is operated again.

  • Using a commercial motor vehicle not periodically inspected.

  • Online Transportation Product Store
    Our line of Safety Compliance Products will help you stay in compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Click here to view the catalog

    Deadlines have been extended for the following permits

    IFTA license & fuel decals
    08 license & decals will be valid until 2/28/09. Renew upon receiving your renewal forms. Forward your IFTA renewal notice to Permits Plus Inc. to renew. Call 1-877-722-8059 for details.
    NYS HUT Permits
    The state has delayed 09 renewals until approximately May 2009. Your old credentials will be valid until then. Upon receipt of your renewal notice you may forward to Permits Plus Inc. to renew. Call 1-877-722-8059 for details.

    Expiration Updates
    UCR Registration
    Current 2008 UCR registration expires 12/31/08. Renewals for 2009 can be filed now. Enforcement is slated to begin on 2009 UCR registration 1/1/09. Click here to renew now

    New Mexico Cab Card
    Expires 12/31/08. Renewals can be filed now. Enforcement is slated to begin 1/1/09 Click here to renew

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